Time To Say Goodbye


Since we first launched the Colorado Sports Network last August, the site has morphed from an unknown niche internet destination into a bonafide multimedia news portal for prep fans, athletes and parents alike.

As the editor of the site, in the last year and change I’ve seen, firsthand, how deeply The Centennial State cares about local high school sports. I see it in the traffic every time a piece gets posted; I see it when I’m out covering games; I see it in my daily interactions with coaches and players who pour every ounce of themselves into their teams.

The community support this site has garnered in such a short time—in addition to the void I believe it fills in the coverage of high school sports—makes it extremely bittersweet to announce that starting next week, I am no longer running the Colorado Sports Network and will now be the new Preps Editor at The Denver Post.

The future of the Colorado Sports Network remains unclear; effective September 30, we are indefinitely suspending operation of the site, although it will remain live for the time being if you wish to purchase more photos, archive any of your favorite features, re-listen to any editions of the Varsity Wire podcast, etc.

While the position at The Denver Post was vertical career opportunity I simply couldn’t pass up, I want to again emphasize how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to found and run this website. The journalistic achievements of the Colorado Sports Network wouldn’t have been possible without the passion of the high school community to match it, but most importantly, it wouldn’t have been possible without the company that backed it, AlwaysMountainTime LLC.

For those who don’t know, AlwaysMountainTime is a media company that owns 12 radio stations along the front range, a digital company, an events company and this website. The company’s owners, Pete and Krista Benedetti, gave me everything I needed to make the site a resounding success.

They built me a studio so I could do a weekly podcast. They supplied a plethora of equipment so I could craft video features and high-resolution photography. The Benedettis are the epitome of community-focused, small business owners; in fact, the Colorado Sports Network was born in large part due to their passion for high school sports. I am eternally indebted to them for the role they played in this endeavor, and as I embark on my next venture I count them not merely as former employers, but as genuine friends who helped me take a huge step in my sports writing career.

Stay tuned for our Twitter, @COSportsNetwork, for more official word on the fate of the Colorado Sports Network. And if you have any questions at all, email info@coloradosportsnetwork.com.